You read the postcard!

Okay, wow, you’re really here now. I should’ve worn a button-up.

Nevermind, nevermind. All the experts say I have like 3.2 seconds to convince you to subscribe or else I’ll lose you FOREVER!

Here it goes…please subscribe:

I feel like that went well. Yeah! We really came together on that one.

Ok, you probably have a few questions:

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Here’s a pic of me and Ajax so you know we’re real and 100% not AI-powered robots from the future.

Ajax thinks you’re a little sus, but he’ll come around.

Okay, here’s the sub button one more time. I really am pumped you’re here. This whole project feels less like a my thing and more like an our thing. I’m blowing up balloons, but the party won’t happen without you.

See you inside! Your mind will thank me later.